Thank you for your interest in our mission to support healthy, loving, and safe communities. We offer the following community services through secure PayPal checkout, with no account required. Payments and donations are also welcome in bitcoin at the address “12JRxUjENuNLfiKXHNiGTtvJ3BnqnBqWgj“, as well as at LSD’s PayPal address: Free or reduced-rate services are possible to those who can demonstrate hardship. For more details please explore our website or contact us.

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Miscellaneous Consultation (hourly)
Tech, personal, business, group, family, relationship, etc.
Web Design / Digital Marketing (hourly)
Websites, graphic design, content writing, marketing, SEO, etc.
Spiritual Counseling / Religious Services (hourly)
Interfaith, nondenominational, marriage, end of life, etc.
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Help us promote religious freedom, human rights, integrity, and education.

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