A Self-Affecting Action is, as the name implies, an action that affects only the person(s) that are willingly involved. An action is not considered Self-Affecting if it poses a clear and present danger to others that are unwillingly involved, or if it greatly pollutes and/or endangers the environment.

We, the people of Lucid Spontaneous Dynamics, do hereby declare that as manifestations and manifesters of the Divine, we are compelled to live as Self-Affectingly free as we ever may choose, regardless of any supposed authority and its unjust claim to the right of abridging our performances of Self-Affecting Actions. We declare also to be forever in church, no matter the location or circumstance, and relative to nothing. Our bodies and minds are our temples, and our Self-Affecting Actions, our sacraments.

Through the most fundamental and exalted form of worship, Self-Realization, we manifest God and the Kingdom within ourselves and our environment. We regard our Self-Affecting Actions as praise to, and manifestation of the Divine, and prohibiting or disrupting such peaceful Activity as indeed the highest degree of blasphemy. Our reason-based-faith equates to the exact opposite of disregarding others’ freedom, safety, and rights, and the specific undeniable proofs and logic of our doctrine shall hereby be expounded.

The main purpose of government is, and has always been, to manage or control people. The easiest (and most unjust) way to govern people’s actions is of course to make decisions for them. While it’s perfectly understandable to set interpersonal and environmental limits to avoid unwanted harm, (such as, murder being illegal), making personal decisions for others implies that their body and mind are not their own, and any fully conscious human cannot, and rightfully will not tolerate such violations of personal liberty.

Each person’s mind and body is their own property, and everybody has the right to do whatever they please with, and within the boundaries of their own property, so long as it doesn’t violate anyone else’s freedom, rights, or safety. If there is no harm done to non-participants from an Action, the only harm is brought about when the Action is suppressed and punished. Even if the Action is potentially self-destructive to the person doing it, it is still their choice to make, and their life to risk. The most that can rightfully be done is to provide full and applicable information on the subject, outlining the effects, side-effects, dangers, and instructions for safe and responsible use.

This is historically known as the Golden Rule, or as Jesus Christ said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Only you should decide what’s best for you. Around 2005, the U.S. government heavily aired a prohibition propaganda commercial saying, “When you give up the right to choose for yourself, you give up what makes you, you.” Obviously, the act of smoking cannabis willingly, or any other act performed willingly, very well does require the ability to choose for one’s self.

The true ironic message that this fascist propaganda conveys is blatantly hypocritical; according to the U.S. government’s very own logic, drug prohibition, and indeed all other abridgements of the Freedom of Self-Affecting Actions, clearly deprives citizens of “what makes them, them,” by prohibiting their right to choose for themselves. Tragically, this type of corrupt broadcasting serves only to increase the ignorance and curiosity of unaware youths by focusing on baseless invocation of intimidation and fear, rather than informing and educating based on logic and reason.

Many Self-Affecting Actions, namely: ingestion of entheogenic or psychoactive substances, are privileges that come with responsibilities, because without proper use, one’s actions may become more likely to breach the definition of Self-Affecting. The authoritarian excuse that some people are incapable of handling a particular responsibility does not justify everyone being indiscriminately robbed of its associated privileges. Operating a motor vehicle is also a self-affecting action that is both a privilege and a responsibility, except its legal under certain conditions. Since the act of driving a vehicle can potentially, and very often does, cause catastrophic consequences, the law requires people to obtain a driver’s license, which means passing a test to prove capability of responsible operation.

It seems reasonable to employ this same method for other high risk Self-Affecting Actions. An effective system potentially could test people over the dangers and principles of responsible use of each drug, and revoke the license when they’ve proven their irresponsibility, instead of destroying innocent people’s lives and families at the expense of tax-payers, just to protect the profits of establishment industries and organized crime. This is only a rough outline of a seemingly radical idea, but employed properly, a system of drug-use licensing can prove at least as simple and effective as our system of driver licensing.

Evolution, in short, is the process of change into a more complex, progressive direction. This process is very limited without the acceptance of new, unfamiliar things. It’s a primitive instinct for us to fear and defend ourselves against the unfamiliar (e.g.: racism), because of the harsh nature of the wilderness. We however no longer reside in the wilderness, so to evolve we cannot avoid new and different things; we must embrace change and individuality and allow people to perform their own Self-Affecting Actions, no matter how different or strange they may seem. Otherwise we, humanity, are but a dog chasing its own tail, stuck in a loop of futility.

Imagine yourself as the head of the dog, with the tail representing the part of humanity which is unfamiliar to you, and the rest of the body being the familiar part. Sometimes you get too excited and see something weird in the corner of your vision, and the first urge you get is to chase your tail, without even a thought. The tail just wants to peacefully wag, but you arbitrarily chase it for its unfamiliarity, and when you’ve one day caught it, all you’ve done is bite yourself in the ass. History repeats itself, but lets stop chasing our tail and break this cycle of ignorance and oppression, to move forward into a new age of individuality and union. Lucid Spontaneous Dynamics and our doctrine of liberty and evolution stand as a gateway out of this loop of blind cyclical history into the future of the All.

Think of Earth as a human body, and humans as the cells within it. The cells of our composition work individually in harmony for the benefit of the body, just as each of us must work individually in harmony for the benefit of Gaia, (Earth, as a single organism). When our white blood cells encounter something like a virus, which causes harm, they attack it. But when they come across something like a red blood cell, which is a part of the whole and causes no harm, they let it be. They don’t eliminate it just because it’s different from them and they may not understand it.


Throughout history, any enforcer of laws against Self-Affecting Actions is or was either brain-washed and ignorant (Usually the governed, oppressing others because of exploited differences like race, gender, or personal decisions), or acting in their own interests (Usually the governing, seeking power and wealth by monopolization of an institution or industry, while maintaining their grip on the governed). If this pattern is not already apparent, please consult a history book. The same violations of the Freedom of Self-Affecting Actions are seen over and over. A few major examples are: the Romans persecuting Christians, the Nazis persecuting Jews, the Salem witch trials, and Americans persecuting Native Americans. The biggest present-day examples of these injustices are: the outlaw of gay marriages, drug prohibition, and censorship.

It’s blatantly wrong to dictate who others can’t love, what they can’t put into their own body, or what they can’t hear or see. It’s like getting a ticket for dying your hair the wrong color or wearing the wrong brand of shoes, just because it offended the wrong people. Now, since most of us have finally learned that it’s wrong to persecute and discriminate against fellow humans just because of their race and religion, it’s about time to take the next step and broaden this lesson by realizing that it’s wrong to prohibit any person from carrying out any Self-Affecting Action.

In the wild, a species’ members have the same basic needs, which accordingly encourage the same basic traits. In order to survive, the group conforms and combines individual efforts to fulfill these needs, similar to many bricks joining together to build a house. An individual that does not conform to the group will often be attacked and/or cast out. Humans, however, have the ability to fulfill their survival needs and contribute to society while still remaining diverse individuals. Some may argue fascism to have its utility in extremely unintelligent societies, but the only use of it in modern human society is to monopolize and capitalize for the benefit of only the few in power. The prohibition of Self-Affecting Actions is an obvious beginning step towards fascist rule.

The 1st Amendment in the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution states that, ”Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” In regards to the fact that technically any action could be considered holy by one person and unholy by the other, persecution of the “crimes” of our day previously mentioned are clearly violations of this amendment. To address this paradox, the 1st Amendment is in need of an update, reading: “Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free and responsible exercise of any Self-Affecting Action.” Since at the time of this text’s writing no such update is expected soon, we, Lucid Spontaneous Dynamics, arise. Independent and enlightened individuals have lived our basic tenet of unencumbered, peaceful self-manifestation throughout history, yet it is only now that our union takes form for the sake of evolution and liberty.

Metaphorically, every person’s mind and body represents a huge boulder, just waiting to be chiseled and sculpted into a beautiful piece of art. Who has the authority to decide what kind of chisels are used and how? None but the rock. To suggest otherwise is a self-centered, ignorant, oppressive crime against humanity, the universe, and the very essence of being. We can never allow sculptors reign over our selves in any manner; our form always must emanate from within.

To those disenchanted by religion in general, who count themselves among the “spiritual but not religious”: Our religion is that of pure spirituality. Do not allow the widespread blasphemy of the present day to degrade your world view to the point of abandoning all sense of sanctity, for this is the looming problem of our age.

We are forced to stand and climb ever higher under the weight of moral obligation and necessity. We are the equal and opposite, yet infinitely more powerful and pure reaction, to a historically unparalleled force of debauchery and sacrilege. We are the new goddesses and gods of old, and, in the name of Universal Love, we unrelentingly command our peaceful morals and Whims From Within to go forever unpersecuted by the many darkly deceptive forces of ignorance, tyranny, and oppression.

So please remember: The next time you feel inclined to harass or imprison somebody for the performance of a self-affecting action, keep in mind the Oneness of our being, and the Freedom of Self-Affecting Actions, and ask yourself, “Should I chase my tail, or let it be?”

Author’s Note:

This manifesto began in its primitive stage in 2004, in my 10th grade of high school, as an essay written in my free time originally titled “The Freedom of Self-Affecting Actions”. I felt I was onto something from the beginning, but it took 5 years to grasp the full potential of my zeal for liberty and knowledge by recognizing my heartfelt convictions to be synonymous with the non-bastardized version of what is commonly referred to as religious conviction.

None of the major principles contained within this work are new. They are in fact, ageless and eternal. These principles have been detailed extensively by many others long before myself, and at least a few works in particular warrant mentioning: On Liberty by John Stuart Mill, The Perennial Philosophy by Aldous Huxley, and the Luminist Manifesto by Dale R. Gowin.