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Ethics and Shamanism – Foundation for Shamanic Studies Ethical and Legal Considerations for Shamanic Healers – Shamanic Practitioners –
Entheism | (beta)
Entheogens | Plant Rights | Kratom Forum | Shamanism
…preserving shamanism’s ancient sacred knowledge
What Is Spirituality? | Taking Charge of Your Health & Wellbeing
Spirituality is a broad concept with room for many perspectives. In general, it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and it typically involves a search for meaning in life. As such, it is a universal human experience—something that touches us all.
About Human Rights and the Drug War
OPEN Foundation
The OPEN Foundation promotes research into psychedelics and the psychedelic experience within the academic world from a multidisciplinary perspective.
Coalition for Entheogenic Liberty – Welcome to the DMT-Nexus
DMT-Nexus, for all your information on DMT, Ayahuasca and the sorts…
Bluelight – Philosophy and Spirituality
Discuss your latest musings
18 U.S. Code § 242 – Deprivation of rights under color of law | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute
The Sacred Texts
A collection of historical writings and sacred texts from a number of traditions, primarily those relating to Hermeticism


Blog Challenge Survival Guide | The Daily Post
  Are you ready to commit to a week, a month, or even a year of posting? Multi-day blog challenges are a great way to push yourself as a writer or artist, grow in unexpected ways, connect with other bloggers — maybe even to produce a publishable book. Our survival guide gives you the tools…
Nieman Reports
Covering thought leadership in journalism
Grammar tips – Oxford Dictionaries (US)
Grammar tips – Language reference content from Oxford. Help with language usage, grammar questions, punctuation, spelling, and language learning. (US)
Investigative Reporters and Editors | Home
Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc. is a grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of investigative reporting.
Institute for Nonprofit News | Supporting Mission-Driven Journalism
Supporting Mission-Driven Journalism
Google News Lab
Google News Lab Description
19 Million Project
BBC News Labs
Driving innovation in news, together with partner news organisations and research institutions globally.
Digital Media Training
Digital media training and custom training programs for career professionals in the art of multimedia storytelling, video, social media, data visualization and digital publishing, across multiple platforms.
The Local News Lab
Experiments in Journalism Sustainability
Rhetological Fallacies | Information is Beautiful
Dedicated to distilling the world’s data, information and knowledge into beautiful, interesting and, above all, useful visualizations, infographics and diagrams.
Purdue OWL: Journalism and Journalistic Writing
These resources provide an overview of journalistic writing with explanations of the most important and most often used elements of journalism and the Associated Press style. This resource, revised according to The Associated Press Stylebook 2012, offers examples for the general format of AP style. For more information, please consult The Associated Press Stylebook 2012, 47th edition.
Purdue OWL: Active and Passive Voice
This handout will explain the difference between active and passive voice in writing. It gives examples of both, and shows how to turn a passive sentence into an active one. Also, it explains how to decide when to choose passive voice instead of active.
Posts | Freelancelift
Welcome to the Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL)
The Purdue University Online Writing Lab serves writers from around the world and the Purdue University Writing Lab helps writers on Purdue’s campus.
Cognitive Biases – A Visual Study Guide
Cognitive Biases – A Visual Study Guide – Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free.
Quiet Revolution: Unlocking the Power of Introverts
Advice and stories for introverts and extroverts alike on how to appreciate our quiet sides. Featuring essays, videos, interviews, and more.
News about Advertising on Facebook | Facebook for Business
Discover the latest product updates, trends, research and case studies about our tools to help businesses succeed with marketing on Facebook.
OZY – Welcome to the New News
Ozymandias (‘OZY’), is a daily digital magazine custom built for the Change Generation. Founded by Carlos Watson, formerly of MSNBC and CNN, OZY delivers the new and the next. Come join the OZY Tribe!
Quartz — News, videos, ideas, and obsessions from the new global economy
Quartz is a guide to the new global economy for people in business who are excited by change. We cover business, economics, markets, finance, technology, science, design, and fashion.
HighExistence | Challenging The Way You Live!


Future of Humanity Institute | University of Oxford
Out in the Open: The Site That Teaches You to Code Well Enough to Get a Job | WIRED
Wanna be a programmer?
Science, Technology & the Future | Future By Design
We live in a time of great change, and unprecedented risks to global safety and prosperity. Some of these changes may threaten our survival — but let us take
MakeUseOf – Technology, Simplified
MakeUseOf is your guide in modern tech. Learn how to make use of tech and gadgets around you and discover cool stuff on the Internet.
Pingdom – Website Monitoring Made Easy
With website monitoring from Pingdom you will be the first to know when your website is down. No installation required. 30-day free trial.
Learn to code | Codecademy
Learn to code interactively, for free.
CompTIA Security+ Certification
CompTIA Security+ sets the standard for best practices in IT security and risk management.
Learn Java the Hard Way
Learn Python
Online Image Сompressor
Optimizilla is the ultimate image optimizer to compress your images in JPEG and PNG formats to the minimum possible size.
Sci-Hub: removing barriers in the way of science
The first pirate website in the world to open mass and public access to tens of millions research papers
Eyeo Festival | Converge to Inspire
Pro-Level Video Editing with LightWorks on Linux |
Jack shows how to set up Lightworks so you can get started with video editing on Linux.
Journal of Design and Science
PubPub is a platform for totally transparent publishing. Read, Write, Publish, Review.



Clay Taylor
CYCLIC • WORLD is an international audiovisual collective and blog featuring artists who’s work defines the future while defying niche.
17 Amazing Sites With Breathtaking Free Stock Photos – BootstrapBay
A curated list of websites with beautiful free stock photos that can be used for personal and commercial projects.
Online CSS3 Code Generator With a Simple Graphical Interface – EnjoyCSS
EnjoyCSS is an advanced CSS3 generator that saves your time. Its handy and simple UI allows you to adjust rich graphical styles quickly and without coding.
Free Stock Photos · Search 30+ sites with LibreStock
Librestock is a multisite search engine that scans and indexes the stock photos from 30+ different websites. We provide you with the biggest searchable database of high-quality free stock photos on the internet
everystockphoto – searching free photos is a search engine for free stock photos, offering community features to the stock photography community. Free photos are listed under creative commons, public domain and other free licenses.


agitility cone drills basketball – YouTube
Share your videos with friends, family, and the world
training for speed – YouTube
speed ladder training
Plyometric & High Intensity Interval Training – YouTube


Google Finance: Stock market quotes, news, currency conversions & more
Get real-time stock quotes & charts, financial news, currency conversions, or track your portfolio with Google Finance.
Apple Investor News – Always Updating Apple News
Business: Washington Post Business Page, Business News
In-depth financial market news, U.S. and world stock market indices, market analysis and commentary, and more from The Washington Post.
Breaking Stock Market News | Seeking Alpha
Breaking news and real-time stock market updates from Seeking Alpha. Read the latest stock market news and headlines. Read the news as it happens.
Wall Street
Breaking news and latest headlines from Wall Street including articles, videos, photos, and blogs.
Apple Inc., AAPL Interactive Chart – (NASDAQ) AAPL, Apple Inc. Stock Price –
AAPL – Apple Inc. Interactive Chart, Quote and financial news from the leading provider and award-winning
Global Markets News |
Connect to the most current information on stocks and bonds on What you need to know now about NYSE, Dow Jones, S&P, and Nasdaq at
Stock Futures of Major World Indexes – Bloomberg
Get the latest data from stocks futures of major world indexes. Find updated quotes on top stock market index futures.
Options Greeks: Introduction | Investopedia
Get to know the essential risk measures and profit/loss guideposts in options strategies.
Options And Futures Tutorials | Investopedia
A comprehensive list of Investopedia’s tutorials covering the topic of Options And Futures in reverse chronological order by date published.
Markets – Bloomberg Business
Bloomberg Markets delivers financial news, data, analysis, and video to the world.
Motley Fool News & Commentary
A Foolish take on stocks and the market. Get stock ideas, investing tips, and perspective.
Investment Banking, Securities and Asset Management – Financial News
Breaking news, analysis and comment on investment banking, asset management, hedge funds, pensions, private equity and trading & technology.
Stock Market & Finance News – Wall Street Journal
Follow the latest Wall Street Journal news on stock markets, finance, banks, hedge funds and private equity, with quotes for stocks, stock indexes and ETFs.
MarketBeat | Real-Time Financial News and Analysis
TSLA | Stock Technical Analysis Summary for Tesla Motors
Tesla Motors (TSLA)Technical Analysis Summary, Moving Average, Stochastics, MACD, RSI, Average Volume.